Actually there was a dictatorship in Bolivia?

Actually there was a dictatorship in Bolivia?

Was there really a dictatorship in Bolivia? I write this article as a resident of Bolivia, nobody pays me to tell my truth and as a Bolivian I will answer this question.

Yes, there was a socialist dictatorship on the part of Evo Morales, his 13 years of government was characterized by being authoritarian, he controlled the powers of the state, military, police in addition to controlling 95% of the media, politically persecuted his adversaries, The only thing that interested him was to follow in the footsteps of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.

Evo Morales was not a democratic president, he annulled the Referendum on February 21, 2016, which prevented his re-election to the new presidential elections.

On October 20, 2019 Evo Morales carried out the largest electoral fraud in Bolivian history, in the presidential elections he ordered the electoral institutions to change the result in his favor, in this way he wanted to perpetuate himself in power forever. The Bolivian population got tired of not respecting their vote and decided that Evo Morales resigned from power, it was the citizens of Bolivia who decided to stop the country until Evo Morales resigned from the presidency, from blocking roads, closing factories, taking institutions after a month of social conflict, the police riot, the military turn their backs, not having a way out, Evo Morales signs his resignation and gives way to the presidential succession which falls to Senator Jeanine Añez.

After the resignation of Evo Morales, Kremlin media outlets such as Sputnik and RT reported that there was a coup in Bolivia, not only that, dozens of media working for authoritarian governments were responsible for misinforming about this news.

Bernie Sanders defends the tyrant Evo Morales

Recently I learned that the United States Democratic Senator, Bernie Sanders, defends Evo Morales by giving him his support, I personally think it is due to a misinformation of the Senator, Evo Morales is a tyrant who does not respect the constitution of his country, his government was Infested with corruption, he fed drug trafficking with the largest coca leaf production destined for drug trafficking. Evo Morales Ayma is not a leader or role model, he is willing to kill his people to perpetuate himself in power, it was he who organized and ordered the city of La Paz surrounded after his resignation as an act of revenge, since his exile has thought to put together a seed to fight the new government.

As a Bolivian citizen I can tell you that there was no coup d’etat after Evo’s departure and that Bolivia experienced a dictatorship by the Evo Morales Ayma government as I mentioned earlier.

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