This easy to use auto shop system with which you can manage inventory, profit and everything related to auto repair, credits to willianlay07. It is worth mentioning that it is a very small software but if you have knowledge in php you can improve or learn from the source code.


  • PHP language versions 5 and 7 except 7.4
  • Framework CodeIgniter
  • MySQL database

Credentials to log in as administrator:

Password: password

Credentials to log in as a Service Advisor:

Password: password

Technical session credentials

Pass: password

To start the installation, simply copy the script in the main directory and from a browser write the domain address plus the word “install” and follow the installation wizard, example: localhost/repair/install

Manual installation

To perform a manual installation you must run the cars3 database and in the application/config/config.php path add domain address, do not forget to add the connection credentials in application/config/database.php

System interface (The system is in English)

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