Identify original and fake Samsung USB flash drive

Today I will teach you how to identify a fake or original Samsung USB flash drive before or after the purchase, I remind you that I made an article to identify a micro SD where I explain how to identify a genuine product, with these simple tips I am sure you will not be scammed plus. Before purchase Samsung officially has up to date with 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB USB sticks, there are no memories above this amount of storage, the 1TB and 2TB USB sticks are completely fake. Before the purchase, the only thing that can be observed is the packaging and the USB memory that is seen in that transparent plastic, I could currently confirm that there are more than 4 types of fakes that tried to imitate the packaging and the flash memory, not to confuse you You should know the most important, attentive to the following images. Original Samsung memories are named after the color of the device. The Samsung brand is engraved without design errors, in 3.0 or 3.1 memories the entrance has two colors, black and blue, the opening is triangular or circular has a smooth edge. Behind the packaging in the “MUF” … Continue reading Identify original and fake Samsung USB flash drive