Luxuries of Evo Morales Ayma, the most expensive president of Bolivia

Luxuries of Evo Morales Ayma, the most expensive president of Bolivia

Luxuries of Evo Morales Ayma, the most expensive president of Bolivia. Evo Morales Ayma is known as one of the austere presidents and even a humble man who came to power, anyone who knows reality is killing himself right now.

Morales is the most expensive and eccentric president at least that’s what you can see, the gifts range from coins with his face to a colossal museum exclusively about Evo Morales and quite extravagant tastes, then the top of the luxuries and gifts of the Bolivian president, it is worth mentioning that this is a compilation of various news portals with true data and each list has a link for more information, the list starts from the smallest to exaggeratedly expensive gifts or luxuries.

15. Products with the face of Evo

As far as we know these products are not commercialized and are only used in electoral campaigns, these products are characterized by having the image of the Bolivian president printed in notebooks for students, toothpaste and matchboxes, possibly so that the population does not forget about Who is a gift

evo morales toothpaste
evo moral matches
evo moral phosphorus
toothpaste made in evo

14. Juguetes con la figura de Evo

No se sabe a quien se le ocurrio esta idea, pero es una realidad existe un juguete o estatuilla con la figura del mandatario boliviano, este juguete data del 2015.

evo moral dictator toys
children's toys from dictator evo morales

15. 10k Pedestrian Race “Presidente Evo”

There is a pedestrian race in each departmental event where the prizes are thousands of Bs. Sometimes the prizes or amounts vary, what is striking is the name of the race that hints that thanks to the president there is a career and awards, part of the propaganda of more than 10 years.

10k Pedestrian Race "Presidente Evo"

16. Cartoons about Evo Morales

The series is broadcast by ATB in the program “Anoticiando” conducted by Jaime Iturri, the cartoon is called El país de las maravillas although it is not exclusively about Evo, the series parodies the Bolivian situation in addition to giving a wink to the character of Evo Morales and criticize in the form of parody to his political rivals an animated series for minors, who knows what was the purpose of its dissemination.

15. Comics and stories about Evo Morales

The cartoons and stories about the life of Evo Morales is a reality the author of these prints is Alejandra Claros Borda and tells the stories of the Bolivian president in the form of a children’s story, the title of this material is called “Las Aventuras de Evito” subsequently Evo comics were published by other authors, all this is part of the Evomania. More information here.

comic books
stories about Evo Morales

14. USB flash drives Evo Morales

It is not known exactly who was the one who ordered the development of these pendrives with the figure of Evo Morales, we do not know if they have a guarantee or if they are of quality (haha), but what we know is that it has 8GB of storage, it is possible that All government public officials have one.

USB flash drives Evo Morales

13. Construction names with the name of Evo

From Colleges, Stadiums, Markets and Roads they are some of the constructions that bear the name of the President and it is not necessary to forget when the Bolivian president baptized constructions with the names of “Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro and other socialist friendsMore information here.

Construction names with the name of Evo

12. Manger over Evo

It is not exactly a birth manger with all the characters of the birth, but it was a replacement of the manger by the replica of the house of Morales in Orinoca, this real-sized house was mounted on Christmas eve in Plaza Murillo. More information here.

Manger over Evo

11. A movie about Evo

Precisely it was not made with State money, but it was the beginning of gifts from his environment, the film “Evo Pueblo” is an incomplete biographical film of the Bolivian president, part of the euphoria of Evomania. It also has a documentary called “Cocalero”.

poster film evo pueblo

10. Currency with the face of Evo Morales

When the first image of this coin came out on social networks, many thought that this currency would replace the currency of five Bolivians, the currency that the Central Bank of Bolivia public looked similar to the currency of five, the difference is that it has the Evo bust in the center, the BCB minted 7,000 coins of these characteristics for sale at the exaggerated price of Bs. 200 each. The currency never came to circulate because it was not its purpose, but if it was a gift more than until today the whole stock is still not sold, More information here

Currency with of Evo Morales

9. All-paid soccer broadcast

Just transmitting the football games of President Morales has a cost of Bs. 244,800 per day, is one of the president’s sports and wants all Bolivians to observe his plays, although it is not known if he really has an audience, these broadcasts of Soccer is broadcast on the state channel, more information here.

All-paid soccer broadcast

8. Armored vehicles

Evo Morales ordered the renovation of the presidential vehicles by an armored Lexus, this vehicle is approved by several projectiles with a cost of Bs 6.2 million, more information here

armored vehicles from Evo

7. Abya Yala Channel

This is a gift from the Iranian government especially to Evo Morales, this gift came with television equipment ready to go and air, although this channel is new very few know about its existence.

Abya Yala Channel

6. Gold ingots as gifts

The bullion was given by miners from the department of Potosí, this was a gift in exchange for President Evo Morales making investments in his region.

Gold ingots as gifts

5. Hymn to Evo Morales

He was very criticized when it was announced that the armed forces of Bolivia would sing this controversial hymn, the stanzas speak about the coming to power and their struggle against imperialism, the controversy reached such a point that the subject was not heard much less from the anthem

4. Evo Morales helicopters

He got tired of the armored vehicles and wanted to sail the air like any humble president even move to very close places, the price of each helicopter is Bs 6,221,000.

Evo Morales helicopters
Evo helicopters

It is time to review the first three positions of this top, the most controversial luxuries, the above mentioned are overshadowed with the following.

3. Evo Morales presidential plane

Evo Morales ordered the purchase of a luxurious presidential plane just for him, it is one of the most modern aircraft in Bolivia.

Evo Morales presidential plane

2. Evo Morales Building

When Bolivia enjoyed economic bonanza it was decided to spend on colossal works and not on the needs of the population, the new government palace is a clear example of economic waste, this 29-story building has a helipad, a sauna, a parking lot cars an exclusive apartment for the president, with a cost of $us 34.4 million dollars, at night the building has another aspect is illuminated by neon lights, many architectural experts agree that the colonial construction style is completely seen ruined by this construction, more information here.

Evo Morales Building
Evo Morales tower
Evo luxuries
Evo Morales building inside

1. Evo Morales Museum

And in the number one position is the museum of Evo Morales, a museum with the theme of the Bolivian president, inside is the gifts he received on his trips abroad and inside Bolivia, in addition to several statues of bronze with his figure that are all over the museum in Orinoca. The real name of the museum is the Museum of the Revolution, but as you could see it has nothing of revolution, the whole content of the museum is about Morales.

The museum is in the first place of this TOP because it is an infrastructure to idolize and adore the image of Evo in life, considering that even Jesus Christ does not have something similar, it is one of the greatest luxuries because when Morales comes out of power The biggest question will be: What do we do with the museum? While the building in Plaza Murillo will have another purpose, the museum is something that should make people and strangers think about how state funds are managed.

Evo Morales Museum

The museum is located in Orinoca, a place far from the capital of Oruro, this population does not have any of the basic services, it is one of the museums with few visitors and more equipped in the country although the Ministry of cultures mentions the opposite, more information here. In addition to all these luxuries and gifts, kneeling before Evo Morales by his followers was already well known to everyone.

The president of Mexico (AMLO) and the president of Argentina (Fernández) must be proud to have a “deity” like Evo Morales as a visitor, a being who believed himself superior to all Bolivians. Some followers and acolytes continue to regard Evo as an austere and humble president but this is the truth about who he is.

statue of evo morales dictator of Bolivia
paintings by the dictator of Bolivia Evo
Evo Morales statues
Charango with the image of Evo Morales
bronze bust or head of Evo Morales
Luxuries of Evo Morales
Evo Morales clothes in the museum

I invite you to see in videos the museum of Evo Morales in the following channel, credits to Paola

statue of Álvaro García Linera

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