"Putinators" or "Putiners" I know Putin's fanboys

"Putinators" or "Putiners" I know Putin's fanboys

Fanaticism is present in everything, from product brands, films, artists and even presidents and in this post we will talk about Putin's fanboys or trolls, people determined to idolize the image of the Russian president and that proliferate on social networks.

Russia is neither a communist nor a socialist

Today Russia is not the same, indeed, the economic model of Russia is capitalism, it can even be said that it is more capitalist than the United States, the only difference is that Russia went from democracy to authoritarianism, so if you are an ideological fanatic who thinks that supporting Putin makes you anti-imperialist or anti-capitalist, you are very wrong.

Who are these crazy fans

These are some of the profiles that these fan groups would easily fit into, people who detest the US government, those who are against LGBT marriage, supporters of a populist government in Latin America, people who inform themselves with Facebook, Russia Today or Sputnik News, children who grew up in the era of fake news, a Putin fan almost certainly must meet one or more of these requirements.

They don't need to have a fan meeting with posters, dances and stuff, if you want to see Putin's fans in action you can see them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, now this is where you ask yourself, are they fans or trolls? Nobody knows exactly on YouTube there is content related to Russia where in the end they almost always end up talking about how great Putin is, Facebook is the social network where the Russian president has the most followers, Instagram does nothing more than show you how great he is. it sports the image of the Russian president.

Do this experiment

Look for a video where Russia tests an Arsenal, a military parade or a Putin video now see the comments are full of fans praising the Russian government and especially its president.
When you look for a video where the United States or any other country criticized the Russian government, you will find comments from fanboys defending it to the sword, not to mention Facebook there is where they have their most staunch fans, do not even think about answering them or you will know the "digital lynching".

It will be that they are real people or they are a community of trolls, taking into account that Russia is a place where "troll farms" led by Putin supporters are very common, later these "troll farms" were emulated by authoritarian governments in Latin America, Dictators are number one followers of the Russian president, they have copied his strategy to silence the media and attack opponents but above all they are attentive to how to stay in power for longer, mocking democracy, if dictators had Instagram it is certain that they would continue Putin.

Putin is great because the media is censored

Remember that photo session of Vladimir Putin in the snowy landscapes of Siberia, or the photographs where he walks in a tank or submarine, in fact many media described it as propaganda loaded with stereotypes of virility, strength and machismo, the Russian media have created a great image of Putin even the Russian media related to the government have called him a "charismatic dictator". It is difficult to find a medium that questions or criticizes the Russian government, this is the result of the offensive against the independent media carried out by the Kremlin.

What are Putin fans called?

Each famous person has their own fan club even if they have not required them, much less are they in charge of giving them a name that their followers are in charge of and the name must be related to the artist, Ariana Grande has her "Arianator", Selena Gómez has the "Selenators", Taylor has the "Swifties" and the list is long, so what Putin fans should be called, some of the available names would be, or what do I know, the point is that they need a name because the community is large and ca

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