The strangest thing is that the critics are saying that Shang Chi is the best superhero movie of this year or it will be that Disney’s acquisitions are finally paying off to speak well of their next productions.

Is it a Marvel or Disney movie?

It looks more like a sequel to Mulan (2020) than a Marvel production, it has that touch that only Disney is capable of, the beginning of the film promises us an epic adventure where the protagonist will face his past to take him towards the organization of the ten rings led by their father, but then the story becomes boring and sterile the fight scenes are an excuse to avoid yawning, this time they have tried not to exaggerate with the characteristic humor of other Marvel films. Although Trevor’s return as the Mandarin parody was embarrassing and sad, it added nothing to the story and was more of a buffoon who did not fulfill his true role. There was no true villain who showed himself as such or was worthy of dat fight to Shang Chi.

There is no scene worth remembering or worth even martial arts fights, although if they were well crafted it has nothing new to offer.

There is no connection to Shang Chi

A Shang Chi without charisma present throughout the film, Simu Liu does not find his role, he does not manage to show me something new, there is no way that the viewer will be attracted by his story or identified with any other character.

It seems to be the beginning of Marvel’s decline

Marvel is not doing very well in terms of quality as we used to see in previous productions, it is aiming more for quantity than quality, Black Widow is clearly an example, a character who had a lot to give and the two-hour movie did not. it was enough. .

Cameos that start to bore

The same formula for all the films, once the protagonist has channeled his alter ego, he embarks on a new adventure that involves interacting with other superheroes, that was the message that the scene gave us after the credits, more breadcrumbs to support us while waiting for another movie or series. For a die-hard Marvel fan, Shang Chi will still be the best movie like the rest of the previous movies. Let’s hope that his next brand-new projects will be able to redeem Marvel and get him out of the bad streak he’s been dragging on.