The Museum of the dictator Evo Morales

The Museum of the dictator Evo Morales. It is one of the most equipped museums in Bolivia and controversial for several aspects today we will know the interior of the museum of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in the community of Orinoca in the municipality of Santiago de Andamarca is a town far from the capital, here This is where Evo Morales was born and there is even a sign that announces this. The official name is “Museo de la revolución democrática y cultural Orinoca” a fairly long name, but it is well known as the Evo Morales Museum because inside it talks about the Bolivian president, its construction cost 7 million dollars without include maintenance, although most of the museums are located in central or mid-city places in this case it is located in a town that lacks basic resources and sewerage most of the roads and roads are dirt but have one of The most equipped museums in Bolivia, it is a huge construction that has no comparison, neither the dinosaur fossils or the ancient cultures of Bolivia have this very modern infrastructure. The way in which the Ministry of Cultures promotes this museum is different, in … Continue reading The Museum of the dictator Evo Morales