There are hundreds of imitations of Samsung micro SD that they sell on Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba, the only way to acquire a Samsung Micro SD is by buying from an official Samsung store or buying from their own website, I have decided to buy an SD memory original and then I will show you what a real quality product looks like.

This SD card is an EVO Plus v30 class 10, although all the original ones have a hologram of authenticity and a checkmark on the SD card, if you bought from a Samsung store, this hologram is present on the new models.

Authenticity hologram (Spanish)

Original Samsung SD memory outside

The hologram is one of the things that the Chinese could not fake, but it is possible that there are original products that do not have this hologram, to recognize an authentic product it is better to see it carefully from the outside, I leave you some photos of the front and back, you should note that other models have a different appearance at the front.

On the back you can see icons that indicate that the SD memory has resistance to water, X-ray proof, high temperatures, magnetism and falls. The barcode has the EU model code, on the left it shows Made in the Philippines.

Micro SD with certification mark ✅

Whether it’s an old or a new model, all original Samsung micro SD cards carry a certification mark, on the image you can see the specifications of the card, such as the amount of storage, product codes and manufacturing Made in the Philippines, in addition to the aforementioned check mark.

micro SD original Samsung
Micro SD made in the Philippines with check mark
vista de Tarjeta SD Samsung Evoplus

Why is it important to buy an original SD card?

Buying an original Samsung micro SD has several benefits, imitations are sold at the same price as the original, if you buy an authentic product you will have many benefits, check this list of benefits.

  • Your data is safe
  • Fast and fluent reading and writing.
  • Specialized for multimedia tasks such as high-quality video recording
  • Waterproof, high temperature, X-ray, magnetism, drop proof and wear proof
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