HP Slimline 290-p0xxx is a very cheap desktop computer and due to its low price they usually run out of stock, these computers have 4 GB RAM memory which makes it very slow, it is necessary to know what type of components they are compatible with this computer to update it successfully. I leave the photos of the components with which I updated this computer.

Compatible RAM memories

The RAM memory for this model is DDR4-2666 UDIMM, it has 2 slots, if the processor is Intel Celeron I recommend upgrading to 8 GB maximum, that is 4 GB in each slot, the Crucial and Kingston brands are excellent and I have no problems. I was able to install 12 GB and the computer recognizes it correctly, but since it is an Intel Celeron it creates a bottleneck, but you can reduce the RAM from Windows, click here to know how. Check the list of RAM memories compatible with this model.

RAM DDR4 2666 Crucial
Crucial DDR4 RAM


HP Slimline 290-p0xxx has a 500 GB mechanical drive, if you need the computer to boot fast and run much faster programs then you should upgrade the storage drive, you have two options, use an SSD or M2 NVMe drive.

The compatible SSD units are 2.5-inch and 7 mm SATA SSD, it is worth mentioning that the case of this equipment does not have more space inside, so you will have to remove the mechanical disk and change it for an SSD. List of compatible SSD memories.

This HP model does support M2 NVMe drives and that is one of the reasons I bought this model, not all brands are compatible with this computer, Kingston is a very good brand, but it is not compatible, I have been able to upgrade successfully with WD Green M.2 NVMe 480GB or Samsung 980 500GB. In order for the computer to recognize the new drive, you must format the drive from within Windows.

Atention. WD Green NVMe drive has no screw (buy separately)

WD Green M2 NVMe 480 GB
SSD NVMe Western Digital

What is motherboard of this model?

If you want to update more components, it is important that you know the type of motherboard that this equipment has, this model has the Menlo motherboard. To know the motherboard model, download CPU-Z, start the program and select the Motherboard tab, write down the Manufacturer and Model data, now look for the component compatible with this motherboard model. Do you have questions or doubts? Write it in the comment box, I will be answering all the comments.


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