What is AutoPost or Autopublicador for social networks?

What is AutoPost or Autopublicador for social networks?

An autopost or autopublicador is a new way of publishing on social networks characterized by being automated and programmable, saving time for the administrator of the social network.

Nowadays there are Online platforms that are responsible for self-publishing on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the only thing that the user administrator of a social network should perform is to generate content and the self-publisher performs the work of the publication.

The good thing is that you can schedule the publication in hours, days or months. If you have a company or Fans it is very important to have a presence in social networks, but being aware of these platforms consumes valuable time.

Once you could see Facebook pages with thousands and thousands of likes and with new content every hour, all this is thanks to the self-advertisers, in this way you interact with the user through news, discounts and memes on the theme of the Fan Page.

Advantages of a autopost

  • Publications are programmable
  • Post cars are present in the most popular social networks.
  • They save the administrator time
  • You attract more fans to the Fan Page
  • Customers or followers are informed about your brand or status

Disadvantages of an autopost

  • If you post very often or repetitively, you can be penalized for spam
  • The prices of some platforms that offer this service are very high
  • Self-advertisers do not respond in publications

If you are looking for a self-advertiser for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you may be interested in this platform, new users publish for free and prices are very cheap.

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