If you are thinking of opening an Onlyfans account, you should keep in mind that the photos and videos that you will share on this platform are not safe, and it does not guarantee that anyone else can do anything with those photos. OnlyFans has an option to restrict the content you post to users from other countries, most choose to block their own country, but that does not guarantee that the content you post will be leaked on some adult website. There are bots that download all this material to publish it on third-party websites, and once it is republished it is difficult to eliminate. Adult web pages constantly pull content from similar ones, generating more copies of that same content. In this post you will know if your content was stolen, and you will know how to delete it from search engines.

How to know if your content was stolen?

It’s actually very easy, open Google Chrome and drag a photo that you’ve uploaded to OnlyFans directly to the browser, now click on “Search image in Google” or “Search image with Google Lens” there it will show you all the websites where they are found your photos, check this post where I explain in detail to know if your OnlyFans content was stolen.

Ways to prevent photo and video theft

It is difficult to prevent your digital material from being stolen, the same platform must guarantee the theft of content, on the internet there are hundreds of automated tools to extract photos and videos in a matter of seconds, and they are used by the same subscribers, that does not mean that they are not can do anything.

OnlyFans has content protection, when you have this option activated this platform will notify the websites involved to remove the content, in some cases there are websites that can evade this sanction and get away with it.

Delete stolen content

All is not lost, although the internet allows anonymous browsing, it does not mean that it is a place for anarchy, there are regulators, including Google itself, which gives you the option to request the deletion of your personal information.

Contact the administrator of the website involved

The easiest way is to contact the administrator of the website and request its removal, since this stolen material belongs to you and you have every right to claim it.

Request help from a specialized authority

Believe it or not, there are agencies specialized in protecting your information that has been shared without your consent, one of them is the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), where you can request the removal of intimate or violent videos or photos, follow this link for more information. Each country has authorities that can help you.

Ask Google to remove content without your consent

Google entiende este problema seriamente y ha puesto a disposición un formulario para solicitar la eliminación de material compartido sin tu consentimiento, conoce más de esta ayuda que brinda Google.

Google seriously understands this problem and has made available a form to request the removal of shared material without your consent, learn more about this help provided by Google.

Yandex and the Deep Web another problem

Yandex is a search engine, in short it is the Russian version of Google, the problem with Yandex is that it indexes content that Google considers harmful. If you think your photos and videos have been stolen, you can search from the Yandex search bar and see where each photo and video is located, although there is no help from Yandex to request the purge of such stolen information.

The Deep Web is content not indexed by search engines, it is considered the place without rules, it is one of the places where all kinds of content is found to enter the Deep Web you can use the Tor Browser.

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